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private consultation and sessions for individuals and couples

Human sexuality is a vital part of life. Our ability and desire to enjoy our sexuality changes and fluctuates throughout our lives. These changes can depend on stress levels, health, relationships, work, hormones, energy levels and having children, to name just a few.

The idea of searching for help for such personal and private issues can make us feel anxious and vulnerable. Finding the right person and place to discuss our sexual concerns is crucial. Once we feel safe, free of judgment and respected we can begin to move through any pain, damage or change, to a place of healing, celebration and empowerment.

A private consultation with a qualified sexologist can set minds at rest and provide the space for further exploration and expression of sexual needs and feelings. As each client is different, an individual approach is taken so that real change can be achieved as quickly as possible.

  • Sexuality Therapy
  • Sexual Rehabilitation


Sexuality Therapy

Sexuality therapy invites individuals and couples to address sexual concerns. They may need to adjust after a sexually debilitating event, or hope to enhance sexual repertoire and satisfaction.

Whether you are single or in a couple, sexuality therapy helps you to identify your sexual goals and offers education, resources, tools and techniques to help you meet those goals and ultimately take responsibility for your own sexual growth. The process entails the following steps:

  1. Identify what has brought you to counselling, how you are when you arrive and what changes you would like to see by the end of our work together.
  2. Identify what helps you to feel safe sexually and emotionally as well as those factors that block your ability to meet your sexual goals.
  3. Designing with you a plan that will expand your sexual comfort zone and allow you to eventually meet your sexual goals.

The tasks above are achieved during goal-orientated therapy which, because it’s time focused, is called “brief therapy”. If sexual difficulties appear to be rooted in deeper issues that require other, intensive therapy, the appropriate referrals can be made. If I feel that you require medical attention before or during your work with me, I will do my best to provide a referral (for example some sexual dysfunctions may be symptoms of underlying medical issues).

All of the work in private sessions is done through imagery and verbal communication. If experiential modalities are desired, I can facilitate guided meditation but I do not practice modalities that include touch, and you will remain clothed in all of your private sessions. There may be exercises in which you will practice non-sexual touch with your partner during a session, if it is appropriate. All sexual touch between you and your partner will take place during home-play assignments and we will review your assignments in the following clinical sessions.

Clinical work is done in 60-minute sessions.


Sexual Rehabilitation Program

This program is designed for individuals or couples who have experienced sexual challenges related to health conditions such as sexual pain, chronic pain, chronic illness or limited mobility. We will aim to reduce your fear of pain, improve sexual confidence, and create satisfying sexual activities individually or for both partners.

You and/or your partner can come for a series of private sessions to identify your goals and design your customised plan which can be followed through with home-based assignments.

Your initial sessions work best as a series carried out close together (at least weekly). At the end of the initial series, you and your partner will have an understanding of your current sexual patterns and what you hope to achieve. You will also explore the best approach to teamwork based on how you communicate. A plan will be created to help you achieve your goals through home-based exercises. Perceived obstacles to progress such as fear, pain, shame, frustration, feeling incomplete or dysfunctional as a partner, will be identified and addressed in the program.

How does the program work? What happens during a session?

I can either work with you individually or with you and your partner to help you understand your bodies, your partnership, and your sexual needs and desires. Through education and assignments geared towards meeting your sexual goals, your sexual confidence and competence will increase and you will be empowered with information and tools necessary to manage your own care and improvement. You will also better understand your partner and have tools for communicating your needs on an ongoing basis.

Together we can work on what feels safe, comfortable and pleasurable now. Then we expand your zone of safety, comfort and pleasure. The following are the steps we will take during your initial clinical sessions:

  1. Identify the goals of each individual and/or the couple as a team
  2. Discuss each partner’s sex and health history and identify any changes that have taken place due to health or other challenges
  3. Map your pleasure and pain patterns
  4. Learn about your past and current sexual patterns as a couple
  5. Identify long-term sexual options and short-term steps to get there

The short-term steps mentioned in #5 will be implemented through home-play assignments. Follow-up sessions offer support with the process, keep you on track towards meeting your long-term goals, and allow me to assess your short-term progress in order to ensure your home-play assignments are designed appropriately.

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educational groups and workshops for couples and individuals

  • Sexuality & aging
  • Rekindling intimacy
  • Sexual intimacy around chronic pain/illness/post injury/post surgery
  • Sexual skills for men/women/couples
  • How to date and have safe sex for older people

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training and support for professionals and trainees

I provide focus groups for professionals and trainees in order to identify areas of sexual health that they would most like to explore, followed by seminars, workshops and/or talks on pertinent sexual issues.

This training will equip attendees with a better knowledge of their clients’ sexual behaviours and attitudes. They will also expand their ability to ask sexual questions, discuss sexual issues and provide some basic support and advice to clients. Training can also increase comfort levels for professionals around their own and others’ sexualities; thereby lowering stress and anxiety when broaching sexual issues with clients.

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speaking engagements for groups and organisations

Is your healthcare practice, professional organisation, academic program, social club or support group searching for a workshop facilitator or speaker on human sexuality for a conference, meeting, event or class? Contact me with your details in order to select a topic and schedule a date.


Some suggested topics:

  • Sexuality and aging
  • Let’s talk about sex (between adults, with our children, to health professionals)
  • Know you sexual anatomy
  • Our erogenous zones and how to enjoy them
  • The art of flirting
  • A little bit of spice (an introduction into sexual experimentation)
  • A lot more spice! (introducing kink)
  • Finding sexual satisfaction with a health challenge or limited mobility
  • The art of sensuality
  • Connecting with your sexuality
  • (Sex) life after children?
  • The art of good kissing
  • Sexual skills for men
  • Sexual skills for women
My days for seeing clients are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
My fees: €100 per session.
Contact me for more information.

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