Status sex toys


Why use things like toys to enhance your love/sex life. Isn’t flesh on flesh more meaningful?


Enhance is right. It’s totally subjective. If you love skin on skin and so does your partner and you don’t feel the need for toys, don’t have them.
But if you’d like more variety in your sexual styles, masturbation and orgasms, toys are fantastic. It’s great to be able to bring yourself and your partner to orgasm without toys but there are many things hands and mouths can’t do that toys can.

Some people find it really hard or impossible to orgasm without a toy and it’s important that they don’t miss out on their sexual pleasure by limiting their options. Variety is the spice of great sex so why not experiment before dismissing all toys?

There are gorgeous toys now that do and don’t look like penises, and many that are great for stimulation of the external clitoris which is how most women orgasm.
You can get great toys to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor. A stronger pelvic floor will enhance orgasms as well as help with bladder control.

A gentle vibrator can be fabulous on a penis, testicles and perineum and can help with erections and orgasms for men. And then there are toys for anal play that can be used by anyone who enjoys a bit of anal loving. There are great masturbation sleeves for men that can help them with ejaculatory control if used right. We’re even getting virtual reality equipment that can drop you into the middle of a porn scene. There are remote vibrators that a partner can control via their phone from anywhere in the world so they can feel connected to, and take part in, their partner’s sexual pleasure.

The bottom line is that if you don’t like toys right now, don’t use them. But as with all things in life, it’s much more fun if you’re open to possibilities.



How do I get rid of the horrible smell from my vibrator?


First things first, vaginas are as porous as mouths so if you care about nasty chemicals entering your body, it makes sense to be careful about your sex toys. So knowing what you’re putting in your body is important.The nasty smell often comes from phthalates that are used to make toys soft, bendy, jelly-like or skin-like. These toys are porous so are more likely to hold bacteria from your own body and can’t be cleaned as effectively as non-porous toys that can often be boiled or run through the dishwasher (check cleaning instructions). It’s important to keep your toys clean.

Badly produced sex toys tend to smell. High quality, medical grade silicone, borosilicate (or “Pyrex”) glass, or stainless steel toys really don’t. Unfortunately cost isn’t always an indicator of safety and neither are the claims on the box as sex toy production isn’t regulated. While body-safe toys tend to be more pricey, unsafe toys can cost just as much.

A sure way to know you’re buying body-safe toys is to buy from who pride themselves on providing all body-safe toys (and they’re Irish), and if you want to learn more about toy safety you can get great reviews on or
However, if you’re buying your first toy and don’t want to invest in something you may not enjoy, or if you’ve already got a toy you love that is probably full of phthalates, pop a condom over it and use away. But you’ll have to live with the smell unfortunately.



I’m finding our sex-life has got a bit boring and I want to surprise my wife with her first sex toy. Where do I start?


Don’t surprise her. A first toy needs to be inviting and easy to use. There is so much variety now that expecting to pick her perfect toy is nigh on impossible. What you imagine she’d like may be very different to what she’d choose.

But if you’re determined to surprise her, I’d suggest a small, powerful, external vibrator made of body-safe silicone as a starter toy.

Check out for useful video reviews of toys before you buy.